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Key Features of CSAT Module

This course is designed to cater to the need of mental ability & specific administrative aptitude.

Special emphasis will be given on personality development &, decision making.

This course also includes papers of English from UP CSAT & English Language Papers of IAS Mains

Special emphasis will be given on interpersonal and communication skill.

This course fulfils the need of all exams of UPSC and PSC.

General Hindi for UPPSC will also be covered.

Weekly Test are arranged to asses your learning and knowledge gained.

Get printed study material alogn with this course.

Get option of hybrid class mode to get online and offline classes.

CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test)

The full form of CSAT is the Civil Services Aptitude Test. It was introduced in the year 2011 as a part of the UPSC Civil Services Exam (Preliminary) to test the analytical skills, reasoning ability and aptitude of IAS aspirants.

The General Studies paper 2 of the Civil Services(preliminary) Examination will be a qualifying paper with minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33% which includes…

  • MATHS – (General Mental Ability / Quants)
  • REASONING ( Logical & Analytical Ability)

The CSAT paper consists of 80 questions which the candidate has to finish in the allotted time of 2 hours only.

Each question carries 2.5 marks in the CSAT paper making the total to 200 marks.

Candidates must remember that there is negative marking in the CSAT paper.

CSAT strategy for IAS Prelims 2023

Candidates should not ignore the CSAT paper thinking it is only a qualifying paper.

 Attempt last year’s CSAT paper and check your score. This will give you an idea of where you stand vis-a-vis the CSAT paper.

You do not need to learn everything in the book cover-to-cover. The book is divided into parts and you should pick and choose topics as per your requirement.

Lastly, in qualifying papers like CSAT you should try to maximise your strengths rather than your weaknesses. The overall aim should be to get basic familiarity with any area you are not comfortable with so that you do not miss out on easy questions.

CSAT (सिविल सर्विसेज एप्टीट्यूड टेस्ट)

CSAT का फुल फॉर्म सिविल सर्विसेज एप्टीट्यूड टेस्ट है।  इसे वर्ष 2011 में UPSC सिविल सेवा परीक्षा (प्रारंभिक) के एक भाग के रूप में IAS उम्मीदवारों के विश्लेषणात्मक कौशल, तर्क क्षमता और योग्यता का परीक्षण करने के लिए पेश किया गया था।

सिविल सेवा (प्रारंभिक) परीक्षा का सामान्य अध्ययन पेपर 2 क्वालीफाइंग पेपर होगा, जिसमें न्यूनतम क्वालिफाइंग अंक 33% निर्धारित किए गए हैं, जिसमें…

  •  गणित – (सामान्य मानसिक योग्यता )
  •  रीज़निंग (तार्किक और विश्लेषणात्मक क्षमता)
  •  बोधगम्यता

सीसैट के पेपर में 80 प्रश्न होते हैं जिन्हें उम्मीदवार को केवल 2 घंटे के आवंटित समय में पूरा करना होता है।

CSAT पेपर में प्रत्येक प्रश्न 2.5 अंकों का होता है, जिससे कुल 200 अंक बनते हैं।

उम्मीदवारों को याद रखना चाहिए कि CSAT के पेपर में निगेटिव मार्किंग होती है।

आईएएस प्रारंभिक 2023 के लिए रणनीति

उम्मीदवारों को CSAT पेपर को यह सोचकर नजरअंदाज नहीं करना चाहिए कि यह केवल एक क्वालीफाइंग पेपर है।

पिछले साल के CSAT पेपर का प्रयास करें और अपना स्कोर जांचें।  इससे आपको अंदाजा हो जाएगा कि सीएसएटी पेपर के मुकाबले आप कहां खड़े हैं।

आपको किताब से कवर-टू-कवर सब कुछ सीखने की जरूरत नहीं है। आपको अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुसार विषयों को चुनना चाहिए।

अंत में, CSAT जैसे क्वालीफाइंग पेपर में आपको अपनी कमजोरियों के बजाय अपनी ताकत को अधिकतम करने का प्रयास करना चाहिए।  समग्र उद्देश्य यह होना चाहिए कि आप जिस भी क्षेत्र में सहज नहीं हैं, उसके साथ भलीभांति परिचित हो जाएं ताकि आप आसान प्रश्नों से चूक न जाएं।

Courses Offered at Dhyeya IAS Delhi

Prepare for IAS, Live Online Offline Coaching. GS PREMIUM BATCH (PRE-CUM-MAINS & CSAT) , Class Tests, Printed Study Material, Guidance for Interview.

Prepare for UPPCS, Live Online Offline Coaching. GS PREMIUM BATCH (PRE-CUM-MAINS & CSAT) , Class Tests, Printed Study Material, Guidance for Interview.

Prepare for BPSC, Live Online Offline Coaching. GS PREMIUM BATCH (PRE-CUM-MAINS) , Class Tests, Printed Study Material, Guidance for Interview.

Benefits of Hybrid Class Mode

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Missed a class?

Watch the recording later, with teaching assistants available to solve your doubts

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Work / family needs time?

Pause your course and restart a later according to your time!

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Class timings clash?

Decide your ideal class timing together with your classmates

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Want to revise?

Access assignments/notes lifelong and recordings post course completion

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Have doubts?

Get them resolved over text / video by our expert teaching assistants!

Why to choose Dhyeya IAS Laxmi Nagar

1- Industry Leading Faculty

Basic Quantitative & Mental AptitudeMukesh Singh
ComprehensionShweta Singh
Decision Making, Problem Solving & Interpersonal SkillProf. M.A. Usmani, Jai Singh
English LanguageAthar Abbasi, Javed Ahmed
Hindi LanguageSandeep Singh

2-Dhyeya IAS App

Dhyeya IAS provides the facility of Dhyeya IAS Application keeping in mind the demand of the Civil Services Exam which is useful for both Hindi & English medium students, especially for those students who belong to rural areas. Dhyeya IAS App can be downloaded from the Android Play Store. Dhyeya IAS App provides the facilities of daily answer writing and essay writing along with their evaluation for the students. Current Affairs based study material in both Hindi & English languages is also made available through this App.

Essential conditions to be successful in IAS/PCS ExamDhyeya IAS AppOther Apps & Websites
• Answer writing practice (Daily)HindiYESNO
• Evaluation of Answers (Daily)HindiYESNO
• Model Answer (Daily)HindiYESNO
• Current Issues - Questions & Evaluation (Daily & Weekly)HindiYES*
• Essay Writing practice & Evaluation (Fortnightly)HindiYESNO
• Online Videos (IAS/PCS)HindiYESNO
• Test Senes- Prelims (IAS,'PCS)HindiYES*
• Test Series- Mains (IAS,'PCS)HindiYESNO
• MCQ- WeeklyHindiYESNO

3-Dhyeya TV

  • Keeping in view the excellence and accessibility of study material in the civil services exam preparation, Dhyeya IAS provides better and enhanced course material to the students through creative presentation using its YouTube channel.

  • The Dhyeya IAS youtube team led by Qurban Ali (Former editor of Rajya Sabha TV and a senior journalist) comprehensively analyses all the current developments and socio-economic issues and provides the exam based content to the students through YouTube which is extremely important in present scenario.

  • Based on the background and the nature of the subject matter related to General Studies and current events, the Dhyeya IAS YouTube channel playlist has been catagorized into the following sections:
    •     Global Issues
    •     National Issues
    •     Economic Issues
    •     Art & Culture
    •     Toppers Roundable
    •     Super 100
    •     Daily News

  • The Programme offered in all the above sections are objective and analytical in nature. The subject matter concepts, facts and information presented in it are based on reliable sources. This is the reason why Dhyeya IAS youtube channel programmes are extremely useful for the mains exam and interview preparation. All these programmes are aimed at developing a deep understanding of the subjects for the examination.

CSAT Online/Offline Course in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

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Programmes for Civil Services Exam (Pre cum Main)YESYES
Rejuvenation programme for own students - Prelims (45 days) & Mains (60 days)YESNO
All India Test Series (For Prelims & Main Examination)YES*
Fortnightly Current Magazine PERFECT-7YESNO
Interview Guidance ProgrammeYES*
Comprehensive, Compact & Specific Study MaterialYES*
PMI (Pre Mains Interview) ProgrammeYESNO
Student Portal (Daily Answer Writing & its evaluation)YESNO
Mentor for Every StudentYES*
Individual attention on every student through class testYES*
Dialogue with toppersYES*
Smart ClassesYES*
Online ClassesYES*

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